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About Us

Previous to becoming mom to our two great kids, Brendan and Kennedy, I spent 13 years in the accounting and medical industries. When our oldest arrived, my husband, Drew, encouraged me to try out a new career . . . stay at home mom. This career has been challenging and very rewarding but now I find myself ready for a new challenge!

I became aware of the need for warehousing and order fulfillment through a friend and entrepreneurial mom whose house had been completely taken over by her amazing product. In addition to losing precious space in her home, she was spending a great deal of time packaging and shipping.

I have discovered there are many other entrepreneurial moms and dads in the same predicament, so I have created this company to support these businesses. My shipping company will free up valuable time, allowing these entrepreneurs to be able to focus on making their business a success.

"We accomplish all that we do through delegation - either to time or to other people."  --Stephen R. Covey

Michelle Jones

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